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Members of Lions with granted access and admin permissions can use this form to post articles for the Events page. Additionally, our Events page will list all posted articles and provide links to each article page.

Moreover, you can also upload an accompanying image for the article, with a maximum image size limit. However, if the image exceeds the specified maximum size, the system will reject it. Therefore, it is important to upload content responsibly, ensuring it does not cause offence or harm to others.

User Submitted Posts.

This feature empowers members to submit their own posts directly from the front-end of the website. Consequently, by utilising this plugin, our members actively contribute their ideas, stories, or opinions.

Members can then fill out the form, providing the necessary information such as the post title, content, category, tags, and any additional fields they choose to include.

Additionally, it enables users to attach files, allowing them to upload images, documents, or any other relevant files to accompany their post. Furthermore, it offers the flexibility to set limits on file size and allowed file types, ensuring a smooth submission process.

To maintain control over the submitted posts, User Submitted Posts provides moderation options. Member admins can actively review and approve each submission before it goes live on our website. Alternatively, the approval process can automatically publish the posts immediately. This grants Admins the ability to curate and filter the content actively, maintaining quality and adhering to our site’s guidelines.

Lions Admins have the option to customise the form fields, layout, styling, and even set up email notifications to receive alerts whenever a new post is submitted.

As a result of it’s features, User Submitted Posts serves as a valuable tool for engaging our audience and fostering a sense of community on the website.


Lions Southwold